Ms. Sabina Gasimova
Organization : IDEA
Eastern Europe



Sabina Gasimova is currently Senior Project Coordinator at IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) and holds a degree in international studies from the American University in Washington D.C. With a keen interest in environmental issues and a strong motivation to apply her knowledge and skills in helping to solve them, she joined the IDEA team in 2015.

Throughout her work at IDEA, Sabina has gained considerable experience in conducting advocacy activities in the field of environmental protection and sustainability, effectively engaging with a variety of local and international counterparts. Her responsibilities at IDEA include helping to develop projects on environmental protection and sustainability, planning and coordination of public events and campaigns, preparing advocacy materials to engage the public and expand awareness about environmental issues, as well as building and maintaining relationships with international partners, including NGO’s and international organizations.

IDEA is an NGO founded in 2011 by an Azerbaijani social and environmental activist, artist and poet Leyla Aliyeva with the vision to protect the rich nature of Azerbaijan and the greater Caucasus region and preserve it for future generations. Over the past years, IDEA has contributed to efforts on combatting desertification by promoting public awareness and acting on environmental challenges, including activities aimed at protecting and expanding the vegetative cover, developing sustainable agriculture, rational water use, and preservation and reintroduction of endangered fauna species. IDEA as an NGO worked on numerous projects aimed at protection and expansion of green spaces in Azerbaijan, as a result of which more than 5 million trees have already been planted across the country and hundreds of cases of illegal tree felling have been resolved. Saving the unique biodiversity of the Caspian Sea and other water basins in the Caucasus region is also one of IDEA’s utmost priorities, and the organization is determined to do its part to address this issue, in cooperation with its local and international partners.

Among IDEA’s relevant ongoing efforts are projected to promote beekeeping as a type of eco-entrepreneurship, plant native melliferous trees, build and operate an aquaponic demo/training center, reintroduce the extinct bison (keystone species for plant growth and healthy ecosystems) in the South Caucasus.


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