Ms. Nahid Naghizadeh
Organization : CENESTA





Nahid Naghizadeh works at CENESTA since 1994 as social facilitator, project manager and research associate.

Her expertise is Human Geography and Land-use Planning. She has over 19 years of field experiences and actively involved in more than 30 projects with indigenous nomadic pastoralists and local Communities of Iran to advocate their rights over their territories and natural resources, comanagement of natural resources and recognition of Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas and Territories (ICCAs). Since 2007, she has been involved with Drynet network (, and has been co-chair of Drynet during 2015-2017 and now is the member of the Board of Drynet. Currently, she is doing her PhD dissertation on “Land Governance Assessment in Customary Territory of Indigenous Nomadic Pastoralists— a case study within one of the nomadic pastoralist’s territories of Iran.

Since 2009, she has been involved in the UNCCD process and in 2011, elected as a member of national working group to combat desertification and contributed to prepare the country report to the UNCCD in two periods. She co-organized three regional workshops at national level on “NAP Alignment with the 10 Year Strategy of the UNCCD” and a national workshop on creating greater synergy between the three Rio Conventions.

In the Civil Society Organization (CSO) panel of the UNCCD, Nahid will strengthen the communication and support the interest of Asian and Pacific CSOs, including indigenous peoples, nomadic pastoralists, local communities, women, and youth in the UNCCD process and its strategic objectives (2018-2030). Nahid will strive these aims through assisting and encouraging the accredited CSOs of the region for higher communication and interaction with their national focal points of the UNCCD and higher involvement of accredited CSOs in the UNCCD process and being in close communication with regional accredited CSOs and former regional CSO panel members, to continue the common objectives of the CSOs community. Moreover, Nahid will emphasize the importance of participatory planning and management with other accredited CSOs of the region and try to raise awareness of the CSOs at every possible level on Land Degradation Neutrality and national target setting of the LDN and CSOs priorities that were set at COP14.

In conclusion, Nahid will encourage CSOs for sharing their success stories, experiences and lessons learned in combating desertification, local adaptation strategy, land tenure security, gender equality, community resilience and coping with climate change issues for creating a common learning process.


Centre for Sustainable Development Studies and Application, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Address: No 108 Azerbaijan Street, 1316954968 Tehran, Iran
Telephone: +98 21 66-400-811 or +98 21 66-452-741
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