Accreditation to the UNCCD CSO network

CSOs are the voice of grass roots realities. Because the UNCCD secretariat aims to directly improve the livelihoods of marginalized populations, particularly those threatened by drought and desertification, it supports CSOs playing a significant role at the UNCCD Conference of the Parties (COP) as well as other processes.

Currently more than 600 CSOs are accredited with observer status to the UNCCD COP. The secretariat maintains a database of accredited CSOs which you can view here. The participation of these groups in the Convention’s implementation and their contribution to the various meetings is a necessary component of the successful implementation of the Convention.

The UNCCD secretariat encourages CSOs to apply for accreditation and actively engage in the implementation of the Convention at all levels. 

The following is a list of the documentation required to be considered for accreditation:

  1. Letter of application on letterhead from the organization, addressed to the Executive Secretary, stating the motivation of the organization to apply as an accredited entity, and its engagement towards desertification issues;
  2. Completed “Organization Accreditation form”;
  3. Copies of official documents detailing the mandate and scope of the organization, such as the approved statute of establishment, registration certificate, charter or constitution of the association, and any other official document that explains the organization’s purpose, aims and initiatives;
  4. Copies documents detailing the governing body of the organization (organigramme or similar, stating full name and country of nationality of its members);
  5. Evidence of the status of the organization (governmental/non-governmental; public/private; profit/ non-profit) in the country in which it is based;
  6. Information on the affiliation of the organization with non-governmental organizations or institutions involved in activities relating to the UNCCD;
  7. Information on the programmes and activities undertaken by the organization that indicate its competence in matters relating to the UNCCD, and in which country/countries they are carried out, including brochures, newsletters and other publications. Web or e-versions are most welcome in this case rather than printed materials;
  8. Copies of a recent annual report including a financial statement, or other project reports produced for donor entities or governments, and information on funding sources.

For further information on the accreditation process, please contact [email protected]


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