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The Conference of the Parties (COP), the highest decision-making body for the UNCCD, established the CSO panel at its ninth session held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2009. The scope and mandate of the panel have been increased and modified by the COP through its decisions 5/COP9, 5/COP10, 5/COP11, 5/COP125/COP13, and 5/COP14.

These decisions also revised the procedures for the participation and involvement of the CSOs and invited Parties, international and financial organizations, and relevant stakeholders to contribute to ensuring the participation of CSOs.

Furthermore, the CSO panel has been able to submit a report on its activities to the COP, enabling the civil society organizations to influence the discussion of the Parties and bring to the negotiations issues of relevance for the CSOs.

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The CSO Panel meetings reports

Meetings dates

1st Meeting Summary (12 March 2020)
2nd Meeting Summary (2 April 2020)
3rd Meeting Summary (16 April 2020)
Decision 5/COP.9
Decision 5/COP.10
Decision 5/COP11
Decision 5/COP12
Decision 5/COP.13
Decision 5/COP.14
Update UNCCD SPI Oettle April 20
4th Meeting Summary (14 May 2020)
5th Meeting Summary (8 June 2020)
Communication June 17 DDD
Communication SPI alternate
6th Meeting Summary (2 July 2020)
7th Meeting Summary (18 August 2020)
8th Meeting Summary (25 September 2020)
9th Meeting Summary (15 October 2020)
10th Meeting Summary (24 November 2020)
11th Meeting Summary (26 January 2021)
12th Meeting Summary (8 February 2021)
14th Meeting Summary (23 February 2021)
PPT from CSOs Preparatory Meeting to CRIC19 - 10 March 2021
PPT from LDNF and TAF Workshop with CSOs.pdf
LDN Fund and TAF - Questions and Answers (April 2021)
18th Meeting Summary (6 April 2021)
19th Meeting Summary (21 April 2020)
Synthesis note – Report by the Intergovernmental Working Group on drought
Policy-oriented recommendations resulting from evidence on the approaches for the assessment and monitoring of the resilience of vulnerable populations and ecosystems to drought
Synthesis note by the secretariat – Follow-up on policy frameworks and thematic issues, drought
Synthesis note by the secretariat – The positive role that measures taken under the Convention can play to address desertification/land degradation and drought (DLDD) as one of the drivers that causes migration
PPT Slides from the COP15 Preparatory Meeting.pdf
Synthesis note by the secretariat: Follow-up on policy frameworks and thematic issues: Gender
Synthesis note by the secretariat: Follow-up on policy frameworks and thematic issues: Land Tenure
High Level Segment CSO statment
CSOs Statement on the Hight level segment - Interactive Dialogue Session 1 - Land reGeneration
CSOs Statement on the Hight level segment – Interactive Dialogue Session 2 – Patterns in Production and Consumption
CSOs statement on HLS Roundtable 1 - Rights, rewards and responsibilities
CSOs statement on HLS roundtable 2 - Post-pandemic Land restoration
CSOs statement on HLS Round table 3 - Big dry
CSO Opening Statement for the COP15 Plenary (11 May 2022)
COW: CSOs statement on financial performance and trust funds
COW: CSOs statement on Migration
COW: CSOs statement on Sand and Dust storms
COW: CSOs statement on Gender
COW: CSOs statement on Land Tenure
CST: CSOs statement on coordination report activities
CST & SPI: CSOs statement on the Review of the CST Report to the COP
COW: CSO Panel report
UNCCD COP15: CSOs Closing Statement
Summary Declaration COP15 CSOs
Participation and involvement of CSOs in meetings and processes of the UNCCD


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