Ms. Manon Albagnac
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Manon Albagnac started her professional experience in 2011 as a technical assistant in project coordination at Ecodevelopment.

After her role as a technical assistant, she joined the France Volontaires as a researcher at Madagascar and continued her duty as Volunteer Program Officer. In 2016, Albagnac joined CARI as assistant coordination and as a part of the of CARI for nearly four years, in charge of supporting projects to combat land degradation and coordinating the Sahel Desertification Network, Albagnac has acquired a good knowledge of the challenges of the realities from the field as well as the UNCCD negotiations process.

Since 2016, being employed as a project officer by CARI, Albagnac has supported the member organizations of the Working Group on Desertification (GTD) and the Sahel Desertification Network (ReSaD) in mobilizing civil society, in France and in the Sahel, to build and carry out a joint advocacy on issues related to the combat against desertification. Albagnac has thus acquired part of CARI’s expertise, by organizing and leading the dialogue between CSOs, by participating in the review of the positions of France and the European Union, and by participating to the UNCCD COP 13 (Ordos, 2017) and COP 14 (New Delhi, 2019).

CARI (Centre d’Actions et de Realisations Internationales) is a French Civil Society Organization that has been involved for the past 20 years both in the negotiations and implementation processes of the UNCCD and has acquired a solid reputation in this field. Since the beginning of her career, Albagnac has worked for French NGOs supporting their partners in Mauritania, Madagascar and then Burkina Faso. During the seven years she spent in these countries, she witnessed the commitments of populations, and civil society organizations, to preserve their natural resources, notably by deploying sustainable agricultural practices.

Regarding these field experiences Albagnac will emphasize more inclusive and sustainable societies for their partners located in drylands at the UNCCD Civil Society Organization (CSO) Panel. This emphasis will strengthen perpetual and efficient cooperation for international, regional, and local actors. In brief, for associations and NGOs’ representatives, it is important mobilizing with our partners in the drylands to bring concerns and solutions of both rural and urban populations in a concerted and audible manner. The CSO panel is therefore committed to facilitating for all, an understanding of the issues at stake, the negotiation processes and enabling everyone to participate fully and actively in these negotiations.


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