Ms. Nathalie van Haren
Organization : Both ENDS
Western Europe and Other Group

In her work over the years she has seen people and civil society organisations around the world develop so many inspiring initiatives to counter the challenges of land degradation, land conflict and climate change. But these initiatives often go unnoticed by policy makers and financial institutions. This needs to change. The involvement of civil society is crucial to the implementation of the goals of the UNCCD and the fulfilment of the SDGs.

This is why she is very committed to letting these initiatives be seen and recognized by those who have the decision making power or the means.

She is an agricultural engineer from Wageningen University, working for Both ENDS since 2003 ( Both ENDS strengthens global civil society to gain decisive influence on the use of nature and the environment, thus contributing to societies that stay within our planetary boundaries and respect all human rights, including the rights to water, food and a safe living environment (

Nathalie has been involved with Drynet a CSO network supporting local initiatives in drylands for several years and has been co-chair of She was the first CSO observer to the UNCCD Science Policy Interface from 2014 till 2017. In the SPI, she was actively involved in the development of the Conceptual Framework on Land Degradation Neutrality. In the CSO panel, Nathalie will strive for active involvement of CSOs in the UNCCD debates and for better communication between the CSO-community, the UNCCD secretariat and the parties.


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