Mr. Valentin Ciubotaru
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Valentin Ciubotaru is an agronomist by education and received his PhD in soil conservation. He has advisory experience related to investigation of soil, water and actions for their amelioration. Mr. Ciubotaru acquired expertise in modern methods of training in sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and sustainable community development. The acquired expertise was practically employed in development and delivery of participatory training events for farmers and for extension and training providers, NGOs working in the rural areas.

As a project manager, he carried out many programs and projects supported by the World Bank, IFAD, FAO, UNDP, GEF related to implementation of soil, water and biodiversity conservation actions and organized national and international conferences, training courses, workshops, seminars, round tables in sustainable agriculture and environment protection issues. Valentin has major skills and experience in development of training methodology and preparation of publications in the areas of own key expertise issues.

He published 194 papers in the areas of agriculture, ecology, community development, monitoring, and evaluation. He has highly developed communicative skills and skills and experience in cooperating with local and national government representatives, researchers and civil society. He is a member of International Union of Soil Science, National Group of the UNCCD implementation in Moldova; Life Member of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation.

He was selected in UNCCD Ad hoc Advisory Group of Technical Experts on Impact Indicators Refinement and participated in many UNCCD events, including CoP, CRIC and CST.


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