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  • CSO comments and recommendations on the implementation of the LDN
  • CSO comments and recommendations on the implementation of the LDN


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CSO comments and recommendations on the implementation of the LDN

Thank you, Mr. Chair, for allowing me to speak on behalf of the CSOs accredited to the Convention, committed to its implementation and to achieving land degradation neutrality.

CSOs compliment countries for setting their LDN targets, translating into commitments in terms of area to be restored; and CSOs recommend that countries continue to define and set quantifiable and mapped targets in coordination with other commitments under the climate and biodiversity conventions, to facilitate monitoring and evaluation of their implementation.

CSOs remind Parties that the Convention recognizes the prevention of land degradation as the most effective way to combat desertification.
➔ In this regard, CSOs highlight the need for a report that illustrates the global LDN targets, with quantified goals in terms of area and investment, both in terms of restoring land as of avoiding and reducing unavoidable land degradation.

CSOs compliment countries that have developed transformative projects and programs to achieve neutrality by 2030.
➔ CSOs request transparent information to be shared regarding the areas of intervention and concrete actions envisaged by these projects and programs.

CSOs would like to add to the recommendations made in the report by the Global Mechanism:
➔  The inclusion and effective participation of CSOs, as well as representatives of women, youth and indigenous peoples in the definition or updating of LDN targets, and in the development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation of transformative projects and programs.
➔  Recalling COP14 decision 26 on land tenure, CSOs call on countries to include the VGGTDs in the development and implementation of transformative projects and programs, and to ensure that they promote equal land rights and access to land for all, especially for vulnerable and marginalized groups. Finally, CSOs wish to recall the strong link between land health and human health, to emphasize the urgent need for transition of our agricultural production systems. Agroecological practices are a nature-based solution for the resilience of agricultural production systems and the preservation of biodiversity. CSOs invite Parties to consider agroecological practices to avoid land degradation.

Thank You.

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