Ms. Marioldy Sanchez Santivanez
Organization : AIDER
Latin America and the Caribbean

Marioldy Sanchez Santivanez is a Forest Engineer responsible of the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of AIDER, a Peruvian NGO with 23 years of experience promoting and supporting sustainable drylands management in the north coast and Andes of Peru. Since 1992, AIDER develop capacities and give technical assistance to communities and governments at local level for addressing land degradation issues by developing initiatives of dryforests conservation and restauration, agroecology and sustainable cattle raising.

Marioldy started her career working with local communities in dryforests, giving technical assistance for forest inventory and environmental education. She has been part of the technical teams of several projects and initiatives developed by AIDER in drylands, in charge of the participative monitoring and evaluation of progress toward the expected objectives, involving local communities and stakeholders.

She has been involved in the process of implementation of the UNCCD since 2011, has attended several UNCCD meetings as an observer and is CSOs alternate observer to the UNCCD Science-Policy Interface. She coordinated the participation of AIDER in the UNFCCC COP 20 in Lima and currently coordinates the communication component of the International Network of ONGs Combating Desertification (RIOD) in Peru.
Ms. Marioldy Sanchez Santivanez
Las Camelias 176 Piso 6. San Isidro
Lima, Peru.
Tel: + 51 1 421 5835 / 628 7088
e-mail: [email protected]/ [email protected]

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